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Thursday, June 20, 2013

For Sale By Owner Photography Help

Whether selling property yourself or signing with a real estate agent to sell your home or property, you have "the right" to good photography to go on the net and get attention of potential buyers.
The other day, speaking with a loved friend about how this business Thomas Haynes Photoshoot does photography for real estate, she said, "Tom, back when I was selling my house the agent talked about getting the property on the market and I thought next thing she would send in a photographer to get the pictures. That didn't happen. She pulled out a little camera and went like a wind through the house snapping pictures.  I did not see any effort for composition or getting the best view of a room."  

The agent got everything in the photos; unfortunately, the photos were not very appealing.  My friend asked, "Did I have an option on the photos? Now I know I did but did not think of it back then in the middle of trying to move."


Delapidated mom and pop motel, fictional for sale sign

Is the real estate agent willing to have a professional photographer do the photo work?  You may hire the photographer yourself or the agent/agency may hire the work done. That you need to talk over with the agency. Suggesting professional photo work is completely within reason and simply makes good marketing sense*. If your sign says FOR SALE BY OWNER, it is up to you to provide the photos and this is when you decide if your camera and ability is up to it or if a pro photographer like Thomas Haynes Photoshoot should do the work.  Pricing is reasonable and depends on the size of the property and other considerations at the actual photography location. As the stats show, the *true value of pro photography kicks in at about the $300,000 price and up.

Top agents know the real value of using a pro quality photography in selling real estate. They know in general the final selling price is higher. They know potential buyers will search the Internet and good photos catch attention and encourage a closer look.  A superior image as the very first view should show the most drawing and attractive view of the property.  This is where a fine photo does its stuff. This first view is also where a poor, off balance or quickie snap shot photo may loose the customer.

Our belief is that everything in the process must reflect professionalism and nothing amateur,  hurried and scattered.  This applies to an agency sales staff and to the owner wanting to handle the sale...by owner.  Good agents understand just how truly important professionalism is to the process. If you are not fully ready to do what it takes to sell the property "by owner",  do yourself a favor by talking with one of the better agencies in your area.  In the end it is your decision and if you determine to do it yourself it is your job.  We provide the same great photos either way.

THE OPTION TO HAVE PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS IS YOUR OPTION and may be critical in attracting buyers.  Once the property is skipped by, what are the chances of  a buyer taking another look? 
Riding stable view,cut hay, sevier county, tn., thomashaynephotoshoot.com

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