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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

We do the images and you get a license to use them. Who owns the photos?

You start with a review of all the photos we have shot and edited for your assignment.  You have a web gallery of  images, protected with a password assigned to you.  When you approve the photos, we get with you to provide the license for your exclusive use and we receive payment for our services. License?  Yes, we retain ownership as do other photographers. The © (copyright) is ours.  You have hired us, we did the work, we grant you an exclusive license to use the photos in your business.  This is little different from your computer software being licensed. The software may be licensed for one or two computers. For more computers you have to purchase an extended license. Even when installed on your computer, the software producer owns the application.  License terms for real estate photo work must be and are quite liberal in comparison. We expect the photos to be on the MLS (listing services).  We expect to see the photos on Zillow and Trulia. That is how real estate is done.  The photos may be on the cover of a brochure or regional real estate magazine like "Homes and Land". We would like that, btw.

You will have a password protected gallery of large file photos, suitable for print and web use from which you may download any or all of the photos.  If you need larger files we will provide that and can provide a gallery of smaller images for listing services and web marketing.

Several different styles of photography editing may be used and when it might be advantageous to you we will provide examples for your choice. Editing is intended to get the most from a good photo, not to make a bad photo "acceptable". For instance,  a fuzzy photo is deleted right off.  The photo must be acceptable straight from camera. At that point it is edited to provide the best look for the property.

The images may be shot and enhanced for that HDR or "high dynamic range" look so popular today. We use such editing and  true HDR photo methods only within the range of "natural appearance" with more punch than a standard photo.  Over used, HDR and similar techniques render a dramatic but ineffective surreal photo view of your property. The idea is to market and sell the property, image or idea you contract us to provide visually through photography.  Drama has its place and in certain uses is very effective...it all depends on your product and marketing approach. For real estate in general, natural looking, honest images with eye catching edits are recommended. Examples of editing styles will be the body of another post if that seems useful. 

Example photos from a large country property---
This is part of a riding stables photographed in 2012. The photo provides a view outside the stable. The eye is directed to a pleasing, pastoral scene. This single image is part of a series covering the property inside and out.

Beyond the stable is lovely land nestled in a mountain valley. Emphasis was on showing
 many views of the property and its full expanse.

We sit down and talk about what you want to do and how we can do it for you.  Real estate is more straight forward than some other marketing imaging but demands good and well edited photos to keep viewer interest in the property. Unfortunately, much of what is seen on the Net is neither interesting nor well done. It should be well done and attractive...that is our goal with each assignment: To provide images to catch the eye and the interest of the possible client.

If you are marketing something other than real estate or want images for your company web presence, other photographic methods and photo editing is planned to carry through the theme to  accomplish that purpose. Photos may be black and white, forensic type images or perhaps dramatic with gleaming color highlights, all tuned to the subject at hand and chosen advertising approach. It all depends on what works for the subject at hand.

Client galleries for licensed photos are stored at another website.  This link with take you there to see a few Sample Property Photos.
Explore the site as you wish.  Password protected galleries have a "lock" on the thumbnail. 

ThomasHaynesPhotoshoot Works out of Clinton, Tennessee

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