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Thursday, October 17, 2013


The new website in the previous post will not be for now..that is the recent business decision. For now it is this..the Thomas Haynes Photoshoot Blog of Thomas Haynes Photography.   We still will  call specialty commercial photography the See Us Now part of our work, the place we first publish your work at its best, what you do whether it be remodeling, catering, landscape and hard scape, water ponds,  general construction, wall paper service, raising horses, llamas, baking breads or building barns, out buildings and more.  The idea is simple: We use our photography skills to show your work in the best light.  Our full  photography website  is where your photos and slideshows are kept, where you access what you need or where you send clients to view your work.

The idea is to showcase to your potential and present clients what you have done NOW.  In striking images we illustrate why you are the choice for the services you offer. With our photography of your work, you can proudly say "See Us Now" via Internet website and social media, email and print.  Working in the greater Knoxville area of Tennessee, including Anderson, Roane and surrounding counties, Oak Ridge, Clinton, Kingston and more, we believe there are many businesses who will benefit from our marketing photography.  We do on site and in-house photos...in your business house for you as you need it.

championship mules, swishing tails from rear, Frozen Head natural area, 2004
Championship level mules,  Frozen Head Natural Area, Morgan County, Tenn.

We do wish the new dedicated website was soon to be but it is not.  We must focus locally to begin further development of the SEE US NOW marketing concept for our clients.  We want you to see  photos what you do as seen through our eyes and how those images can catch the attention of  customers.
Take a minute to see photos we have taken. Clink the link highlighted below.  Photos of job site, animals, pet rescue organizations...structures and property including real estate...art imaging...technical photography...events of intimate scale such as the block party shown...high dynamic range photography.  Email and ask about what you have in mind.

Click here for a  sample of photos from the primary website where your gallery and images will be stored.


Contact now to schedule a face to face meet with the primary photographer.  We will come to you and talk about Thomas Haynes Photography creating a visual attention getter for your business services.

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Ok, why the mules? These are competitive champion mules seen at the Frozen Head Natural Area in Morgan County, Tennessee. So happens, mules are part of the business.
See post below for link to example of panorama virtual tour presentation.

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