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Monday, November 4, 2013

Schedule Your Outdoor Photos Before the Holiday Season Goes Wild!

We do all sorts of photography and a quick look at the previous posts will show that.  Yes, besides commercial photography to show your clients "how we do it best", telling your story in eye catching photographs, we love to  photograph where your animals and pets live. Memories of pets are best when photographs show the actual living of the dog, cat or other animal, interactions with family and kids.  Contact us soon prior to the wildness of the holiday seasons coming on us! (Email form is at right.)   The photos here were serendipity...but with yours we observe first then  talk it over with you to follow the lead to the best photos.

We specialize in on location photography. You will see us mostly in cities and counties around Clinton, in the Greater Knoxville area..Knoxville, Clinton, Powell, Anderson County, Knox and surrounding.

Blue Eyed Sheep Dog
IS THIS YOUR DOG? LET US KNOW FOR A FREE PRINT! Here is a blue eyed sheep dog we saw at a special place in Kentucky on November 2, 2013.  A mile or two and we would be in Virgina. Once in a while a non-posed pet strikes us as special and it is not always looks. Disposition has a lot to do with us picking an "unknown to us" pet and offering a free print.  You just need to contact us and confirm where this photo was taken and what was around you at the time.
Blue Eyed Sheep Dog, side view sittting
Now email for info on photographs for family, pets, animals, your stuff  and loved family with the critters.   We work out of Clinton, Tennessee with in a reasonable driving distance. We are Thomas Haynes Photography and this is our Photoshoot Blog.

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