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Monday, December 9, 2013


Thomas Haynes Photography is  the place to get great professional photos of your pets and animals in 2014.  We are starting the year with a greater emphasis on cat, dog, horse and other animal photos of the quality you will want on your wall and will be happy to display.  Our professional photo lab provides excellent work in prints and also provide booklets, novelties and other photographic applications. 

Our work is generally within the Tennessee counties of Knoxville, Anderson, Roane and contingent area.  Think Knoxville, Oak Ridge, Clinton, Kingston...and somewhat beyond. Exceptions may be made and photography work done beyond our normal range.

We like to show the animals in their home habitat, where they live and how you interact with your pets. These are the events from which memories are truly made.  Formal photos? Sure, we do those but you need to know about the "at home" touch for your family and your animals.

Email Today and let us know what you are thinking about...we will get right back to you. (The email form on this blog is primarily for the first contact; after that, normal email is used.)

Rehabbers...if you rehab animals or birds and need pro photos of your work, contact us. 
  We are regulars at Clinch River Raptor Center, a wonderful rehab and educational center based in Clinton Middle School.  Some raptor photos may be seen on the Facebook Page for the center or on our casual blog:  Landing Heron
There are short galleries about the Clinch River Raptor Center 

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