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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Clear, detailed marketing images for your business

Posted: 14 Oct 2014 09:45 AM PDT
Two new images to demonstrate full focus, stacked focus imaging...

These photos were taken with a 50mm Sigma macro lens, shooting 14 pictures to make the full focus composite. Note the focus and detail on the cropped segment showing threads in the sheer fabric background and detail on the kitchen knife and sharpening steel.
pumpkin with knife and sharpening steel

detail of knife handle and that of the sharpening steel
 Of course, this is for illustration..we do not recommend a sheer fabric as a suitable surface for pumpkin carving. : )

Imagine a close up rendering of a motherboard or technical device, close and in focus front to back.  Of course, as shown here, full focus with staked focus technique works as well for non-technical subjects like a table of food or deserts and tableware, close up, personal and clearly shown.

Scroll down to previous post to see full explanation of what we do and think of how it may benefit your business net presence and print advertising.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Full Focus Photographs For Your Business Web Presence and Advertising

The intent of this post is to show the small business or particular individual the value of being able to focus an image from front to back.  This is contrary to the rules of depth of field normally controlling how a close-up or macro photography looks. A close image has limited depth of the subject in sharp focus. This is a useful attribute in putting emphasis on a close shot such as a freshly bloomed rose.   The soft background of short depth of field provides an artistic beauty to a photo, for instance, of a child in a summer field of wild flowers.

However, for certain technical photographs and clarity of view on an item otherwise not fully in focus, stacked focus is an answer. This clever procedure is a work-a-round to the limited depth of focus f/stop settings allow with certain lenses and in low light conditions.. For instance, the photographer may use a more open f/stop for good exposure in lower light conditions yet avoid the depth of field problems of wide aperture. A photo such as this required over 12 individual photos, each focused at a slightly different part of the revolver, working from front to back.  Aligning and stacking the photos into a single image gives what is shown here. Click the photo for a larger version of the Revolver to show more clearly what we mean. 

Stacked Focus image of a revolver with cartridges
 To see what may result from using stacked or layered focus, click the photo here for a larger view.

Is your business able to benefit from clean and clear photo images of a tool, a product or large site area?  We are working to develop a readily portable means of shooting the multiple images needed which will be superior to using a laptop or other small screened computer.   A larger view is critical as we have discovered to achieving the best focus.  We are making fast and large strides in having means to reach the level of controlled detail we want for our clients.  And, we are particular in what we produce.

Use the contact link to email Thomas Haynes Photoshoot to discuss the business (and personal) imaging you want. We use Nikon digital equipment to produce high quality standard photography, HDR or high dynamic range renderings and Stacked Focus as shown here edited in a slightly surrealistic manner. We do a good job for our commercial and individual clients at Thomas Haynes  Photoshoot. Large, clear views of macro and close up photos offer exciting results.  

See the post of August 30, 2014 for an example of a gaming figure used in Warp Wide Wargaming. Developments at Thomas Haynes Photoshoot allow excellent rendering of photo files and high resolution prints of your army, terrain and individual cmponents.

We work within a reasonable drive of Clinton, Tennessee. We make a point of complete communication about the photography work prior to the first shutter click, assuring that your ideas and our capabilities are merged for best overall results in business and personal photography.

Saturday, September 27, 2014


Over the past few months, we offered free photo prints and “Facebook” sized digital files to several veterinary clinics in our area.  The idea was to provide a no obligation introduction to business and pet photo services we offer at Thomas Haynes Photoshoot.  The veterinary clinic would receive several high quality prints and a selection of web sized (think Facebook) digital files from the photography session at the facility. In exchange we hoped for word of mouth advertising and display of our flyer in the clinic lobby. To our surprise, response was very slow and of a dozen clinics, only one actually went through with the photo session.  Apparently, the trade out of free photography for display of our pet photography information in the clinic lobby was not worth doing to all but one clinic.

Which veterinary clinic got the free photo session?   Jackson Square Animal Clinic in Oak Ridge, Tennessee is the one and we have to shout out in bold print…WORKING WITH JACKSON SQUARE ANIMAL CLINIC was A TOTAL JOY!   The actual session was only an hour but cooperation of staff and the resulting photographs tell the story of a great success. 
Jackson Sq. Animal Clinic staff photo
 Competent and caring Veterinarians and Staff
staff reviewing lab work
Reviewing a report
Adoptable kitty, part of the Shelter Animal Rescue Group effort
 An adoptable kitty Molly, fostered at the clinic working with
Shelter Animal Rescue Group

Looking back, I realize this clinic has a strong social media presence on Facebook and the savvy to use it for benefit of their clients/patients in providing information valuable to pet owners. Adoptable pets in the SARG program also get exposure with the hope of adoption.  This effort gives added usefulness to the web sized files we provided.  The social media presence has also proven a much greater than expected exposure for Thomas Haynes Photoshoot because the clinic has given us wonderful credit for the photos…with several “working clinic” photos of staff combined with appealing shots of pets and adoptable animals posted.   Who knows, a sweet and deserving kitty or dog might find a home from the photo exposure received.  From our point of view at Thomas Haynes Photoshoot, this is a win-win success for us and for Jackson Square Animal Clinic.  Visit the Facebook page for the clinic at this link:
pets of a staff member, dapple dachshunds

We close this blog post with two dachshunds, nice friendly dogs who are pets of the staff member shown. (Notice blue eyes on the dapple dachshunds.)

adoptable SARG cat, black, bright green eyes
And with Chance, an adoptable friendly kitty.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

We Are Creative Photographers for Warp Wide Wargaming..Excited Now!

We are now officially still photography creative artists for WarpWideWargaming, a new tabletop war-gaming  website.   This site is for beginners to learn how-to's of the game and for experienced gamers to improve and inquire.   New to me, this is an exciting assignment, allowing creative freedoms not part of more formal photography.  We will be shooting full focused images of armies on the game table, close-ups of terrain pieces and high resolution full focus macro photography of individual characters employed in the games. Some figures feature the excellent painting by Shawn of Blue Table Painting  or by Brush4hire. The figure in the photo cell of my descriptive title box is shown here  in back view as photographed without text. The title box figure faces the viewer.  The paint work is excellent in detail and shading.
Daemon Prince Thayvian, a giant plague-bearer with 1 eye and a horn.  The name Thayvian is shared with a primary wedsite partner. Paint work by Blue Table. This image is the result of close up photography of the figure applied with stacked focus techniques. See post of Oct. 10 for more info. 
This image is copyright Thomas Haynes. We pursue misuse of our work to full extent of law. Please request use license, do not steal our photography.
  The site creators are working with precision during frantic pre-full launch construction for the site.  If you play table top war games, of any genre, contact me for possible photo work.  I am limited currently to a reasonable driving distance from just outside Knoxville, Tennessee.  Get in touch to see what we may work out.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Color is ok on this one.

I had messed up enough around here and decided to go out the other evening. This view beneath a bridge is a result. I need to check this on another monitor for color like I intended. This monitor is fading away and calibration is very iffy. Looks ok here.

cool river below old concrete bridge pier
 Color calibration is vital in my work and must be accurate for the intent of the photo. Obviously for print, color should print to look closer to what the monitor shows rather than further from that view.  The edited color in the photo needed to look like I wanted or the entire effort would be wasted.  

Contact us today for a meeting to discuss the photos you want, commercial or personal.  Color will be the best  that software and monitor calibration will allow. (We now have the expense of a new graphics editing monitor.. ordered and on the way.) An x-Rite color chart is used to start and profile is generated for the specific photo session. We still prefer black/white for some shots  to meet particular technical or artistic goals.  Black/white allows room for personal editing for effect and drama. Then again, a pure technical shot may require certain benchmarks for monochrome rendering.

A PDF of basic short session pricing is available to download at link to the right.  Custom and more involved photography work will be priced accordingly.

Monday, June 30, 2014

BABY BUMP PHOTOS..Memories of special time together before your child is born

This wonderful couple wanted to remember a special day together just before their child was born.  We spent about three hours with camera in hand to record photos showing fun, laughter, joy and lots of  love between a most beautiful very pregnant lady and her husband.  They knew another day like this one would not happen soon again.

 An assistant used a  diffuser to reduce bright spots from intense sun light on their faces.

The Baby Bump

When their child was born, all would change. Schedules not imagined would demand their time!  The freedom to go hand in hand around the property would be gone for a time.

Sure, once the new member of the family grows a little there will be more precious times to record, those of three people.   On this day, a little girl was there...almost ready to be born but for now, the baby bump, the pregnant tummy is all we see.   The photos are memories of marvelous anticipation of  the new child in the mother's arms.

Do you have a few weeks left prior to arrival date?  If you want to preserve memories of a special day together, like this couple did, get in contact with us to talk about it and work out a schedule.

Some couples want to record month to month stages of the pregnancy. We will take those photos with the most discretion and all in good taste.  These may be fun photos of anticipation or art shots of the soft beauty of  changes in the pregnant woman up to time of delivery.  (Month to month photos will obviously require  somewhat more difficult scheduling for only a few photos taken. We will need to work out a pricing arrangement for such specialty photographs.

Monday, June 23, 2014


CLICK HERE FOR PDF OF PRICING FOR PERSONAL AND ANIMAL PHOTO SESSIONS. planned to use less time,  SHORT SESSIONS of  families, events,  pets, etc. cost less for high grade professional photography.  AT YOUR LOCATION:    Revised Session Pricing
This corrected price sheet replaces the previous one. Download and print if you wish. Pricing is lowered by $10/hour, corrected from previous price list which was a working draft posted inadvertently. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Some pro photographers show pricing, others do not.  We are able to show basic pricing for simple photo sessions at your location, including families, pets, animals(horses, or  barrel racing for instance..)if you or family members do that.  This is based on your location and what we can get done in the time allowed.   Pricing for more complicated photo work and most commercial work will be estimated by the job at hand after we spend some time talking with you about what you need.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What we do in photos is what you see in your life...

For Personal and Animal Photography. When your kids first rolled and played with the new puppy…when you daughter dressed up the kitten and smiled ear to ear with joy at this furry life, now part of her life…we emulate those times and capture living and life of your family and your pets, the everyday life you love and the true memories of today. 
cat on side wearing tiara

The best intentions do not always work out...the kitty did not want to be dressed up with a tiara..she did what she would normally do in the situation and played her own game.  The photos were hits, showing her personality well.

black and white cat with crooked tiara

We work with you to put the “you” into exceptional photography at a location of your choice or at your home. Whatever you have in mind, what speaks of your heart, your play and your loved ones...contact us and we will study the scene and talk about what we can do to photograph the best of your lives.

 And, there are Senior photos: A gallery of very special images of a son or daughter in their last year of High School...here are samples of a young man, part of a state championship and nationally ranked #1 football team, also a scholar athlete. 

The CONTACT form is at the right. Send us an e-mail and we will get back with you right away, using normal e-mail which allows better communication.

Tell us what type of photography you are thinking about and we will talk about it, visit your location, take a few sample shots and plan it out.

Personal or business...we will go the distance to bring out what you need in family, your animals, your business marketing for print or web.
Working out of Clinton, Tennessee serving surrounding counties  
in the Greater Knoxville area

For your Business. Email me right away for business info packet and free sample shoot schedule sheet for commercial clients. You work to make your business successful. We want to show others in excellent photography how your business is good for them. Your professionalism is shown in descriptive images of your work and your staff. Professionalism and ability to do the job well helps clients choose you for their job. You want to do more than tell about your business… Show clients what you do, what you have done and can do. 

construction of new Kroger center, dirt moving

We specialize in light Commercial, Job Site and small business marketing photos including businesses such as caterer or re-modeler.
 Yes, we still do real estate photography on request, using supplemental lighting as needed and sunset shots in HDR.


Creative Nature. This is extra for anyone who wants to know a little more about us. A creative nature is a driving force and always has been part of our work. All along, photography was part of our creative life and Thomas Haynes became an adept photographer of jewelry, something many photographers would rather not do at all. It can be difficult work requiring careful lighting adjustment and involved skilled editing. 

14 karat light yellow gold ring containing large Tahitian pearl

In personal photography, atmosphere and circumstance are important to the photograph. If a photo will stir the heart like an old song, the photo serves its purpose very well. If the photo shows the person you want in print, we have done it right. We we try to help people laugh..to smile...to enjoy and recollect memories both happy and the other sort which are part of life yet still treasured.
Woman in blue walking behind a large stainless steel sculpture

 One emphasis of this work is photography of your pets and critters meaningful to you. One line is drawn: We work with you, pairing your thoughts with our technical and creative directions. We believe you will find the results worth it. If not, then you are out nothing. Yes, we do believe you will say "good" about working with Thomas Haynes Photography for your special images. We will talk enough about it and survey locations before a shutter is pushed. We should know if our direction is compatible before photography begins.

Outdoors, nature, your pets in action even if that means asleep, your kids at play or posed straight as an arrow..a family get together and more...barrel racing action shots or farm...

Belted Galloway and HIghland Cattle

Look at what is here on this blog and on our storage website, Thomas Haynes Photography at zenfolio, to see a photography story better than a page more of words can tell. We are an e-mail away and it can be yes, no, maybe but we sure don't know if you want us to do your photos unless we talk about it first..so contact is needed  to find out if we are on the same page and if we are the photographer for you. Then you can say, 
"Let's get to it".  And we will.


Facebook home page is here: http://www.facebook.com/thomas.haynes.121

LinkedIn is here:

Sunday, March 16, 2014


To me, creativity is stirring and sometimes coming to rest in something to share.  This is an example of our photo skill and may stir ideas for you.  We can take exceptional photographs of whatever you want and skillfully present it as art in fine prints and in digital files.  We also do fun and silly photos for memories sake and sharing.

Contact Box at the right is there for you to use. Email us for info and the sort of photography you want done. We will get with you to talk about it and provide an opinion by email as you wish.

See more examples in the opening page slide show here on the website where we store your photos for private or public viewing. 
When we do your photo work, edited images go first to the website for your viewing.

This photo is a peek at new life, a photo for Easter season or any season when life is bursting forth and is there to lift our spirits.
old Welsh rose bush shows spring wiht new emerging branch
This is part of an old Welsh creeping, climbing rose bush. It came to this country about 200 years ago, making transitions and continuing life with cuttings taken to preserve the heritage. Click image for larger view. The bush is contained by turning new canes back, a birds nest effect and perfect bramble for Peter Rabbit™!
Working within reasonable driving distance of Clinton, Tennessee
Located in East Tennessee near Knoxville. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

When You See The Photo..Feel the Joy of the Pets in Your Lives

We work to show interaction of the pets and caretakers, producing excellent images of the animals with your family and children. 
These are natural everyday life memories...the best kind of all.  A photo of you and pets together, with you children, times of fun and smiles...photos for now and for memories years from now of heart felt times with the critters...that is what we strive to do.
Formal animal portraits are certainly available as you wish.  We suggest you have photos of both kinds.
Specialty Animal Photography
Animal photos include most all critters, not only the normal pets.  For instance, if you have a field of llamas,  a herd of little goats 
or sanctuary rescues,
talk to us about it.

Use the contact box to the right to receive a 2 page PDF of current pet photo information and pricing.  Please say "animal photo" in the text.
Gray female cat with caretaker, outside

This kitty shown had been in medical care for a long time and is shown  one first day she was outside, soaking in the sun and smells of the free space around her. The photo is a favorite because it is of a totally real and important event the caretakers remember well.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Photos are taken at your preferred location…such as your home where the pets live or another place of your choice.  

Call or email for a for pricing and other information and we will get it to you right away.  Please tell us your location or nearest city so we will know where you are in our normal working area.

This is professional work:   
Excellent photographs done at reasonable price.  

A few samples are shown here, pets and animals photographed at random with owners permission. Some of these photos are in previous postings but we like these animals enough to look again. 
two girl dogs, random photo in parking lot

wonderful blue eyed Australian shepherd Cumberland Gap
wet poodle doodle, straight from a swim in Melton Hill Lake
Working out of Clinton, Tennessee, we photograph pets and animals within a reasonable driving distance. Extended drive time may be charged depending on location and schedule.  We always intend to speak with you prior to the actual photography event and need to see the location(s) and meet the animals to plan what is needed for the very best results in the amount of time allowed. Remember, animals are unpredictable and waiting is often needed to take photographs in natural habitats. Posed formal images take less time in general.  While formal images are often a portion of the selection, candid photography of the animal in normal play is quite rewarding and provides wonderful memories.
nice riding horse, friendly, pretty in shadow light

horse kicking up dust having fun headed to stall

Good lighting is a basic requirement of great photography. For outdoor photos, time of day is quite important and may vary with location from morning to later afternoon. For indoor photos, we always carry basic supplemental lighting to be used with discretion as necessary.

two cats looking out a screen door

This is a favorite photo because it shows a very true part of the lives
 of these kitties.  Not fancy, not staged... two cats are doing exactly what they like...looking through the screen door into the woods beyond.

"russian blue" rescued kitty, wonderful personality, lives with his brother

Excellent lap kitty, passed on at too young an age. Her photo is in pet hodpital