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Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Photos are taken at your preferred location…such as your home where the pets live or another place of your choice.  

Call or email for a for pricing and other information and we will get it to you right away.  Please tell us your location or nearest city so we will know where you are in our normal working area.

This is professional work:   
Excellent photographs done at reasonable price.  

A few samples are shown here, pets and animals photographed at random with owners permission. Some of these photos are in previous postings but we like these animals enough to look again. 
two girl dogs, random photo in parking lot

wonderful blue eyed Australian shepherd Cumberland Gap
wet poodle doodle, straight from a swim in Melton Hill Lake
Working out of Clinton, Tennessee, we photograph pets and animals within a reasonable driving distance. Extended drive time may be charged depending on location and schedule.  We always intend to speak with you prior to the actual photography event and need to see the location(s) and meet the animals to plan what is needed for the very best results in the amount of time allowed. Remember, animals are unpredictable and waiting is often needed to take photographs in natural habitats. Posed formal images take less time in general.  While formal images are often a portion of the selection, candid photography of the animal in normal play is quite rewarding and provides wonderful memories.
nice riding horse, friendly, pretty in shadow light

horse kicking up dust having fun headed to stall

Good lighting is a basic requirement of great photography. For outdoor photos, time of day is quite important and may vary with location from morning to later afternoon. For indoor photos, we always carry basic supplemental lighting to be used with discretion as necessary.

two cats looking out a screen door

This is a favorite photo because it shows a very true part of the lives
 of these kitties.  Not fancy, not staged... two cats are doing exactly what they like...looking through the screen door into the woods beyond.

"russian blue" rescued kitty, wonderful personality, lives with his brother

Excellent lap kitty, passed on at too young an age. Her photo is in pet hodpital


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