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Thursday, February 20, 2014

When You See The Photo..Feel the Joy of the Pets in Your Lives

We work to show interaction of the pets and caretakers, producing excellent images of the animals with your family and children. 
These are natural everyday life memories...the best kind of all.  A photo of you and pets together, with you children, times of fun and smiles...photos for now and for memories years from now of heart felt times with the critters...that is what we strive to do.
Formal animal portraits are certainly available as you wish.  We suggest you have photos of both kinds.
Specialty Animal Photography
Animal photos include most all critters, not only the normal pets.  For instance, if you have a field of llamas,  a herd of little goats 
or sanctuary rescues,
talk to us about it.

Use the contact box to the right to receive a 2 page PDF of current pet photo information and pricing.  Please say "animal photo" in the text.
Gray female cat with caretaker, outside

This kitty shown had been in medical care for a long time and is shown  one first day she was outside, soaking in the sun and smells of the free space around her. The photo is a favorite because it is of a totally real and important event the caretakers remember well.