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Sunday, March 16, 2014


To me, creativity is stirring and sometimes coming to rest in something to share.  This is an example of our photo skill and may stir ideas for you.  We can take exceptional photographs of whatever you want and skillfully present it as art in fine prints and in digital files.  We also do fun and silly photos for memories sake and sharing.

Contact Box at the right is there for you to use. Email us for info and the sort of photography you want done. We will get with you to talk about it and provide an opinion by email as you wish.

See more examples in the opening page slide show here on the website where we store your photos for private or public viewing. 
When we do your photo work, edited images go first to the website for your viewing.

This photo is a peek at new life, a photo for Easter season or any season when life is bursting forth and is there to lift our spirits.
old Welsh rose bush shows spring wiht new emerging branch
This is part of an old Welsh creeping, climbing rose bush. It came to this country about 200 years ago, making transitions and continuing life with cuttings taken to preserve the heritage. Click image for larger view. The bush is contained by turning new canes back, a birds nest effect and perfect bramble for Peter Rabbit™!
Working within reasonable driving distance of Clinton, Tennessee
Located in East Tennessee near Knoxville. 

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