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Monday, June 30, 2014

BABY BUMP PHOTOS..Memories of special time together before your child is born

This wonderful couple wanted to remember a special day together just before their child was born.  We spent about three hours with camera in hand to record photos showing fun, laughter, joy and lots of  love between a most beautiful very pregnant lady and her husband.  They knew another day like this one would not happen soon again.

 An assistant used a  diffuser to reduce bright spots from intense sun light on their faces.

The Baby Bump

When their child was born, all would change. Schedules not imagined would demand their time!  The freedom to go hand in hand around the property would be gone for a time.

Sure, once the new member of the family grows a little there will be more precious times to record, those of three people.   On this day, a little girl was there...almost ready to be born but for now, the baby bump, the pregnant tummy is all we see.   The photos are memories of marvelous anticipation of  the new child in the mother's arms.

Do you have a few weeks left prior to arrival date?  If you want to preserve memories of a special day together, like this couple did, get in contact with us to talk about it and work out a schedule.

Some couples want to record month to month stages of the pregnancy. We will take those photos with the most discretion and all in good taste.  These may be fun photos of anticipation or art shots of the soft beauty of  changes in the pregnant woman up to time of delivery.  (Month to month photos will obviously require  somewhat more difficult scheduling for only a few photos taken. We will need to work out a pricing arrangement for such specialty photographs.

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