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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Color is ok on this one.

I had messed up enough around here and decided to go out the other evening. This view beneath a bridge is a result. I need to check this on another monitor for color like I intended. This monitor is fading away and calibration is very iffy. Looks ok here.

cool river below old concrete bridge pier
 Color calibration is vital in my work and must be accurate for the intent of the photo. Obviously for print, color should print to look closer to what the monitor shows rather than further from that view.  The edited color in the photo needed to look like I wanted or the entire effort would be wasted.  

Contact us today for a meeting to discuss the photos you want, commercial or personal.  Color will be the best  that software and monitor calibration will allow. (We now have the expense of a new graphics editing monitor.. ordered and on the way.) An x-Rite color chart is used to start and profile is generated for the specific photo session. We still prefer black/white for some shots  to meet particular technical or artistic goals.  Black/white allows room for personal editing for effect and drama. Then again, a pure technical shot may require certain benchmarks for monochrome rendering.

A PDF of basic short session pricing is available to download at link to the right.  Custom and more involved photography work will be priced accordingly.