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Saturday, August 30, 2014

We Are Creative Photographers for Warp Wide Wargaming..Excited Now!

We are now officially still photography creative artists for WarpWideWargaming, a new tabletop war-gaming  website.   This site is for beginners to learn how-to's of the game and for experienced gamers to improve and inquire.   New to me, this is an exciting assignment, allowing creative freedoms not part of more formal photography.  We will be shooting full focused images of armies on the game table, close-ups of terrain pieces and high resolution full focus macro photography of individual characters employed in the games. Some figures feature the excellent painting by Shawn of Blue Table Painting  or by Brush4hire. The figure in the photo cell of my descriptive title box is shown here  in back view as photographed without text. The title box figure faces the viewer.  The paint work is excellent in detail and shading.
Daemon Prince Thayvian, a giant plague-bearer with 1 eye and a horn.  The name Thayvian is shared with a primary wedsite partner. Paint work by Blue Table. This image is the result of close up photography of the figure applied with stacked focus techniques. See post of Oct. 10 for more info. 
This image is copyright Thomas Haynes. We pursue misuse of our work to full extent of law. Please request use license, do not steal our photography.
  The site creators are working with precision during frantic pre-full launch construction for the site.  If you play table top war games, of any genre, contact me for possible photo work.  I am limited currently to a reasonable driving distance from just outside Knoxville, Tennessee.  Get in touch to see what we may work out.

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  1. Thomas Haynes Photoshoot has been a huge part of our website development and branding initiative. The detail his photos bring to life show us things about the models and terrain that we'd never even noticed! Spectacular and creative work with flexible scheduling. Recommend highly!


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