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Saturday, September 27, 2014


Over the past few months, we offered free photo prints and “Facebook” sized digital files to several veterinary clinics in our area.  The idea was to provide a no obligation introduction to business and pet photo services we offer at Thomas Haynes Photoshoot.  The veterinary clinic would receive several high quality prints and a selection of web sized (think Facebook) digital files from the photography session at the facility. In exchange we hoped for word of mouth advertising and display of our flyer in the clinic lobby. To our surprise, response was very slow and of a dozen clinics, only one actually went through with the photo session.  Apparently, the trade out of free photography for display of our pet photography information in the clinic lobby was not worth doing to all but one clinic.

Which veterinary clinic got the free photo session?   Jackson Square Animal Clinic in Oak Ridge, Tennessee is the one and we have to shout out in bold print…WORKING WITH JACKSON SQUARE ANIMAL CLINIC was A TOTAL JOY!   The actual session was only an hour but cooperation of staff and the resulting photographs tell the story of a great success. 
Jackson Sq. Animal Clinic staff photo
 Competent and caring Veterinarians and Staff
staff reviewing lab work
Reviewing a report
Adoptable kitty, part of the Shelter Animal Rescue Group effort
 An adoptable kitty Molly, fostered at the clinic working with
Shelter Animal Rescue Group

Looking back, I realize this clinic has a strong social media presence on Facebook and the savvy to use it for benefit of their clients/patients in providing information valuable to pet owners. Adoptable pets in the SARG program also get exposure with the hope of adoption.  This effort gives added usefulness to the web sized files we provided.  The social media presence has also proven a much greater than expected exposure for Thomas Haynes Photoshoot because the clinic has given us wonderful credit for the photos…with several “working clinic” photos of staff combined with appealing shots of pets and adoptable animals posted.   Who knows, a sweet and deserving kitty or dog might find a home from the photo exposure received.  From our point of view at Thomas Haynes Photoshoot, this is a win-win success for us and for Jackson Square Animal Clinic.  Visit the Facebook page for the clinic at this link:
pets of a staff member, dapple dachshunds

We close this blog post with two dachshunds, nice friendly dogs who are pets of the staff member shown. (Notice blue eyes on the dapple dachshunds.)

adoptable SARG cat, black, bright green eyes
And with Chance, an adoptable friendly kitty.