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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Full Focus Photographs For Your Business Web Presence and Advertising

The intent of this post is to show the small business or particular individual the value of being able to focus an image from front to back.  This is contrary to the rules of depth of field normally controlling how a close-up or macro photography looks. A close image has limited depth of the subject in sharp focus. This is a useful attribute in putting emphasis on a close shot such as a freshly bloomed rose.   The soft background of short depth of field provides an artistic beauty to a photo, for instance, of a child in a summer field of wild flowers.

However, for certain technical photographs and clarity of view on an item otherwise not fully in focus, stacked focus is an answer. This clever procedure is a work-a-round to the limited depth of focus f/stop settings allow with certain lenses and in low light conditions.. For instance, the photographer may use a more open f/stop for good exposure in lower light conditions yet avoid the depth of field problems of wide aperture. A photo such as this required over 12 individual photos, each focused at a slightly different part of the revolver, working from front to back.  Aligning and stacking the photos into a single image gives what is shown here. Click the photo for a larger version of the Revolver to show more clearly what we mean. 

Stacked Focus image of a revolver with cartridges
 To see what may result from using stacked or layered focus, click the photo here for a larger view.

Is your business able to benefit from clean and clear photo images of a tool, a product or large site area?  We are working to develop a readily portable means of shooting the multiple images needed which will be superior to using a laptop or other small screened computer.   A larger view is critical as we have discovered to achieving the best focus.  We are making fast and large strides in having means to reach the level of controlled detail we want for our clients.  And, we are particular in what we produce.

Use the contact link to email Thomas Haynes Photoshoot to discuss the business (and personal) imaging you want. We use Nikon digital equipment to produce high quality standard photography, HDR or high dynamic range renderings and Stacked Focus as shown here edited in a slightly surrealistic manner. We do a good job for our commercial and individual clients at Thomas Haynes  Photoshoot. Large, clear views of macro and close up photos offer exciting results.  

See the post of August 30, 2014 for an example of a gaming figure used in Warp Wide Wargaming. Developments at Thomas Haynes Photoshoot allow excellent rendering of photo files and high resolution prints of your army, terrain and individual cmponents.

We work within a reasonable drive of Clinton, Tennessee. We make a point of complete communication about the photography work prior to the first shutter click, assuring that your ideas and our capabilities are merged for best overall results in business and personal photography.