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Thursday, January 29, 2015

New Price Sheet on Animal and Pet Photography

Contact Us and ask for new .pdf files of pet photo pricing for personal or private sessions and how we generally set-up for in-store pet photo work.  

NOTE:  We do not sell digital files*(via DVD or other means).  A few photographers work on the lower end of quality and price by practicing "shoot and burn", simply defined as images straight from the camera, burned to CD or DVD and sold to the client. This process skips right by the vital editing work needed to produce professional grade photos of the quality to make you quite happy.  S&B process is quick and dirty in quality. We will not do it.  We spend a average of 3 hours at our editing computers for each hour spent in actual photo shooting.  The resulting images show it is very much worth going this truly professional direction with anything we intend to associate with our name and provide to our clients.

*The exception is specially created and produced imaging for businesses when a definite need exist.  This includes a license for use and limitations of usage areas within a specific time period. These images are edited to suit the marketing purpose and licensed  for a fee.