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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Architectural beauty...images worthy

This is a quite famous landmark in Birmingham, Alabama.  The 16th Street Baptist Church became will known for a part it played in the turmoil of events during desegregation efforts by Dr. Martin Luther King and others, such as Rosa Parks, in a segregated Alabama.
This post is not about those events but about producing fine photographs for clients.  This old brick building is a fine example of the Romanesque style and here we show an excellent and tasteful image of the church using  high dynamic range photography. The result is an excellent look at the  church.  High dynamic range combines several photographs each taken with different exposures.  These multiple images contain the deepest shadow and the bright highlights not possible to contain in a single exposure.Combining with discretion and good judgment  produces a photo as shown here.  The detail overall is impressive. Too often the case  with HDR treatment is an overdone image  stepping beyond the added realism of highlight and shadow producing an often surreal image and one not best suited for marketing something which is in fact, quite real.

16th Street Baptist Church, Birmingham, Alabama, clasical in red brick
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Friday, May 1, 2015

a few picked the pockets of all convenient to them

A few conflicts reach a level of great historical significance and books are written and movies made in attempt to tell the story as it was. We try but still do not understand the "being there". Some who were there followed deluded thoughts of glory and righteousness; some, like sheep, moved and swayed and fell with little understanding of higher purpose, a few picked the pockets of all convenient to them. Misunderstood most of all was the why and
images of book cover and reenactment of battle of Gettysburg
where does it go from here. Those who knew truthful answers found remarkably few ears to listen. This represents what you see it to be.
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