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Friday, June 28, 2019

Photography is temporarily Suspended 
T00 many factors could cause undesired schedule changes...and I today(1-1-2020) had surgery to free nerves in right forearm.  Several undetermined weeks are needed for the 4 surgery areas to heal* and hopefully full function to return.

Odds are, our photo work is *forced to end..Why?  Surgery healed with perhaps 75% success ...but, rheumatoid arthritis is much worse, balance and walking gait has deteriorated. MOBILE working with a camera almost becomes a circus act and is better not attempted.  We might keep doing "studio" style imaging with camera supports and lights..not sure just yet. Giving it up is difficult but when quality of the product goes down...we simply will not tolerate that.

We are working to reinstate working contact with our readers. Thanks for your tolerance in this.

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