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We are Specializing our Services ..this post clarifies the changes

See this page first... if you have any interest in using our photo services. http://www.thomashaynesphotoshoot.com/p/blog-page_2.html ...

Free Photography Session

Realize the Value of the Free Sample Photography Session..a free sample for your business

Giving you a free trial is simply our best way to market what we do.

 It is a fair shake for you and for us. 

Do not pass by a chance to honestly see what we do in your particular photography task.  That is what the free trial photo session is all about.*


Making a decision to employ photography services requires informed consideration.  The free session costs you nothing more than the time to have us come and do the samples.  Obviously, we are not able to do a complete photo story or marketing package for no charge and this free session does not apply to personal  photography.

The short..and free session is how we help you know: “Is this of value to me?” See the finished product and have an honest basis of any decision you make to use our photography. No strings, no catches. This gives us a chance to meet, talk about the photos you want, have the short photography session and edit the images for you to see. 

From our end of things, we find out if we are the photographers for the sorts of images you really need.

Contact us about a free sample photo session. See the results. Then say yes or no to using our services. *Free sample photography is for your evaluation of our services and is not licensed for business use.


Please scroll down for information specific to Real Estate Photography.
See the before and after photos
Business Website got you going…got you down?  Need your business highlighted in some way on the Social Net?   Give us a call and talk a bit about what you have in mind.  There is a chance we can put some images together to make it all work with your ideas and be very workable with your audience.  There is nothing better than getting your brand-name image out there and it works.  Flip the coin and there is not much worse than thinking you are presented well but everyone else sees a lesser story.  Your thoughts and needs, our creativity and technical photography blended…a team effort for a win-win situation.  Get with us and talk about it. 

We can talk and if what we do is an answer…go for it.  If not, we have all learned something for next time. We are not webmasters and do not do websites. We do the imaging to hold visitors long enough to take a deeper look. Is that what you want to happen?

Do you need specialty photography, such as real estate, properties or new projects?
Choose a part of your business to market or emphasize.  We do 4 photos for your approval and trial. In real estate or property, pick your listing and get the exterior and three interior areas for your review.

The images go on a temporary web gallery for your viewing.  This costs you nothing and lets you know if we are on the same page for your marketing.
This free offer is available within our normal driving distances for assignments. We make that decision. Thank you 
All photos are corrected to remove distortion and to show accurate color. HDR available in a natural approach, not the cartoon or movie poster look so often seen today.  We spend 2 to 3 times more in editing the photos than it takes to do the shoot. This assures you the best we are able to produce, whether a product, a property or people who make your business what it is.

Examples below show correctly edited photographs...

The real estate info is show here. Contact us for your other photo needs.
Which photos would you want in your listing?

 Typically seen angled distortion and slightly overexposed far background. 

Distortion corrected and exposure of background improved.

Overexposed windows ("blow out highlights") typical of many real estate listings:
The room is harsh, uncomfortable and unappealing

Background properly shot in the first place, providing a glimpse of outside: 
A comfortable, pleasant room

Pro quality photos mean better sales for $300k+ Properties...we have the stats to prove it.


Thomas Haynes Photography
Contact including your address for full Info packet sent to you. We keep email addresses private and do not publish those.  Contact today for Info Packet or to Schedule a time to see portfolio and talk.              

                                                                                                                                                        ©2013 Thomas Haynes.

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