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We are Specializing our Services ..this post clarifies the changes

See this page first... if you have any interest in using our photo services. http://www.thomashaynesphotoshoot.com/p/blog-page_2.html ...

The Pitch

Thomas Haynes Photoshoot will produce high quality commercial and personal photographs, including selected* real estate work, your in-house projects, people and job site imaging. Good photography means more people look and stay to see more. Promotion of your image and product? Do that. Enough said.

We do head shots at your home or business, edited so you look your best, whether for a small avatar or large print for the wall. We do images for your print needs such as business cards and brochures. We do photographs formatted for the web and social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn. We do photos for your album of wonderful memories. What do you need to do? Send us an email so we talk it over.

See page for Animal and Pet Photography info. Pages are listed on  the upper right side of the blog, separate from postings, just above the email contact box you  use to get in touch with Thomas.

Personal photos?  As you know,  love, events and memories of special times, family and places are rekindled when a photograph is seen. We have the same feelings and will do the best for you in personal photography. Certainly, we meet and talk over what you want and determine locations for the photography.  Some work may be done at you residence area.
Do it yourself? Read the blog archives for hints and photo how-to. We have no problem sharing our knowledge to help your photography be better.  We all gain from sharing.

Sample images of our work may be viewed at the website used for client galleries. To go in the website from the front door click here.

First stop is a slide show of various sorts of photography we do:  Some of the work we do 

Next stops are to any open galleries found from the home page menu.  A few clients currently have galleries not open to public viewing and are marked with a small lock symbol. These require a password to enter. All others are open for viewing, from raptors to real estate to personal photos such as the "senior" photography for a young man from Texas and "baby bump" images with tender memories for the couple a few days before their beautiful little girl was born.
Click here  Real Estate Galleries for sections dedicated to real estate photography. *We are more selective in this work than previously because of local market conditions and less than expected demand for pro level property photography. Expenses in doing real estate photography are greater in proportion than in our other types of licensed photo work for the web, print and advertising in general.  We spend the time to edit correctly and provide high dynamic range when appropriate.  It is very good work overall, color correct and as distortion free as our software and photo shooting skill will allow.  Studies prove the value of using professional photography in properties values at $300,000 and higher.  There are generally better viewer numbers, more return viewers, better sales at more favorable pricing to the agent.
See the page titled PANORAMA TEST (at upper right of this sentence)  to see tests of both Adobe Flash and QuickTime virtual tours made from multiple still images.


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