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About Thomas Haynes Photography in a Nutshell.

Buckeye seed and pod, Thomas Haynes Photoshoot
The photograph is of a buckeye seed and pod.  The buckeye tree provides a wonderful wood for hand carving and is well suited to making eating utensils.  
The "buckeye" is kept in its pod until time is right to drop from the tree and give rise to a new tree. We  appreciate  what nature offers to cheer hearts, bring smiles, stir memories and rekindle emotions our hearts have stored in safe keeping. Excellent photography can do the same and open those memories once again. That in a nutshell is what our personal photography will do.  Click photo to enlarge...it is a more impressive view of this photo work.
The previous paragraph is a fairly accurate way to describe what we do for families, events, with pets and other significant parts of life.
At Thomas Haynes Photoshoot, we prefer quite honestly to say we photograph life, we have photography sessions rather than photo shoots.   Yes, the term to "shoot a photograph" conveys  technical knowledge and ability, which we do have.  More appropriately, a commercial photo session of imaging things, properties, machines and posed employees fits the photo shoot terminology.  Looking through the blog you will see how technical approaches to photography are a true asset to your business marketing.

You will also see a personal touch and the "personal photography session" is the other side of our small business.  From the home page of our   client galleries website, here,   you will see various personal photography forms. The expecting mother and her husband at their farm is a favorite as are the "senior photos" of an accomplished nephew who lives in Texas. We know the young man and we personally appreciate the joy of good memories in those photographs.

The care we use in a photograph of an owl released back into the wild, the view of an old farm building, or a friendly dog in a state park is the same sort of care we use in your personal photography session...or in your business photo shoot.
Thomas Haynes

We work out of Clinton, Tennessee and cover a reasonable driving distance from there and in the greater Knoxville area.  How can we serve fine photography to your business, family or organization?  Use the email contact box to get in touch with Thomas and we can use normal email after that without constraints of the "contact" gadget.  We can meet to talk it over..no salesman, just the primary photographer will join you.  E-mail to start a conversation on the photo memories and events you want to keep on digital format or archival grade photo prints.

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